Lunes, Agosto 15, 2011

The Information Technology in support of Student-Centered Classroom

From the traditional teacher-centered learning approach, it practically helps on designing and adapting student-learning activities. I’ve realized that this is where how student-centered classroom more fully develop through the support of the information technologies exists nowadays.

Known to this new trend in teaching-and-learning process, it must be peaked out, however, that traditional classrooms activities especially in less developed countries will carry on to have a strapping place in the classroom.  In spite of this retard occurrence in some countries, the option has now been opened for the modern teacher to shift gears to student centered learning.

But the fact that I am part or a product of the traditional environment when I was in my grade school and even my high school years, it was also a best way for me and serve as my springboard to be well-motivated and well-educated individual.

We can’t deny the fact that we can’t get away from the past for still it serves as a vital role in teaching-learning process. What makes it more creative and productive is just to merge the traditional way to the new trends of today since we can’t say that we will always stick to one approach. When it comes to children and education, there simply no “one size fits all” considering the fact that there are going to be several children with differing learning styles and academic strengths and weaknesses.

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